Spanish Mobile operator’s apps portfolio strategy with top 10 MNO apps benchmark

To follow-up on the most successful Mobile World Congress ever, we decided to create and share some exclusive benchmark insights about Mobile network operator’s apps strategies across Europe starting with Spain.

Naturally, we decided to start with Spanish MNO’s using our unique “MNO apps” dataset which monitors (nearly;) all mobile operator’s apps worldwide powered by the decode apps intelligence suite

For this report, the scope of benchmark is covering 140 apps edited by Mobile Network operators in Spain (iOS and Android) between January 2016 and January 2017. Results for top 10 apps benchmark mapping are aggregated for both OS

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Key learnings from the MNO ES apps benchmark and insights report:

Vodafone has the n°1 app in Spain among MNO’s (Mi Vodafone) and… the worst one (Vodafone TV)

Telefonica is n°1 apps creator +11 apps in 12 months) and has the largest apps portfolio

  • 60% of MNO apps in Spain are developed by Telefonica
  • 22% of MNO apps in Spain are developed by Orange
  • 18% of MNO apps in Spain are developed by Vodafone

Telefonica is n°1 in user audience (estimated by total number of ratings) followed closely by Vodafone España with 31% of total audience by ratings in Spain

Orange apps Portfolio strategy is globally more efficient with only 9,6% of apps with 0 ratings (VS 52% for Vodafone España), and with the best average number of ratings per app (90,55)

Out of the Top 10 by App NPS, Mi Vodafone is the only app in the magic quadrant BUT ALL mobile operators need to improve their apps quality because the average app Net Promoter Score is strongly negative (-27,5%)

Orange Spain has launched the n°1 new app in 2016 (Jazztel)

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