Top 10 Automotive apps in the world august 2015 – Top apps from Volkswagen are racing apps = not eco-friendly

top 10 automotive mobile apps worldwide
Due to the recent news coverage about Volkswagen having modified its car software to pass pollution tests, we decided to share (for the first time) a Top 10 extract from our global automotive apps watchfolder.

Our objective is to provide a complementary analysis on what are the most successful Volkswagen apps worldwide.

As you can see in the above Top 10 that show the “biggest” automotive apps (by number of ratings), the Volkswagen group apps are leading the top at a global level

BUT if you check the type columns, those apps are… RACING GAMES! Which in term of content strategy, reveals that Volkswagen is (was?) more focus on its brand image by providing fun and free racing games (that people LIKE) rather than editing apps that people do actually NEED!


The Mobile Consultant point of view:

As games are fun but not quite useful for car buyers, we analyzed with our decode apps platform what were the fastest growing apps in the Volkswagen apps portfolio.

Doing so we identified that trending mobile services that VW mobile users currently seek are :

  • CRM and client Services apps
  • Connected car apps
  • And finally eco-drive tips/guides apps which is ironic considering the current controversy

So our “macro” advice to the VW group would be to concentrate their mobile apps budget to improve customer services AND/OR connected cars support apps (or eventually eco-drive games;), rather that on brand image games!


Some complementary infos from the decodeapps august Automotive report:

  • The decode apps Automotive watchfolder currently monitors more than 1600 apps edited by car manufacturers worldwide
  • In total Volkswagen group currently edit 248 active apps
  • 60% of the top 10 apps have a (sometimes very) negative app Net Promoter Score
  • BMW apps in this top gets the lowest ratings and most negative app NPS which outline a very bad end-user experience
  • Fastest growing apps of the month are (weirdly) brand image magazine by Renault and BMW
  • The only connected car services app of the Top10 is the Entune multimedia service from Toyota