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We started as mobile consultants in 2010, so we know how complex and time consuming it is to gather analytics data from multiple sources and manually benchmark/monitor the mobile applications stores markets worldwide :

  • NO in-app & store analytics aggregation
  • NO worldwide cross-stores search engine
  • NO easy way to create custom watchlist

Our mission is clear, provide mobile marketers with solutions, data and insights to drive successful app strategies. decodeapps analyzes, benchmark & monitors +4 million apps WW the exact way YOU want!


Custom competitive apps intelligence

Banking, MNO’s, Automotive, Health, Travel, Insurance, Medias/TV… start with one of our already segmented business vertical or create your own! You need to drive your Appstore Search Optimization (ASO) strategy, detect top apps trends by country or run a Brand IP legal watch by keywords? Just contact-us!

Apps analytics and market insights, all-in-one

Thanks to exclusive connectors with key web/mobile analytics players like AT Internet(Xiti) and automated integrations of app stores developer accounts data (iTunesconnect, Google Play developer console), decodeapps seamlessly combines in-app analytics KPI’s with stores metrics and apps market insights in a unique dashboard using custom API’s

Pro-active insights & BI reports

Always stay informed of main competitor’s activity (updates, new app launch) with our custom alerts. Short on resources? With auto-insights reports, you access a complete analysis PowerBI report designed by our consultant, auto-updated (month/quarter) with latest data and trends

Consulting services

Complex benchmarks, advanced data analysis and segmentation, watchlist creation, mobile strategy, ASO audits and reports. Our senior mobile experts consultants are there for you!

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Want to start fueling your mobile apps strategy with the #1 custom apps benchmark & monitoring platform in the market?

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Key features and services

Benchmark and auto-monitor all your competitor’s apps by Business vertical

Use-case: To give you an example, for one of our clients, we  monitor more than 2400 Mobile Network Operator apps across 13 country stores

For you, Decode Apps constantly monitors ALL apps from the entire business ecosystem and competitors of interests thanks to our unique watch-folders approach

You will save a tremendous amount of time as the benchmark data you need will always be automatically gathered and updated

You can focus on :

  • analysis to optimize the ROI of the mobile apps portfolio
  • comparing your company apps to competitors
  • identify trending apps and innovative functionalities

Search all app stores by keywords to empower your ASO strategy

bank apps search in USA

You can search apps cross appstores for all the keywords you want and in the countries of your choice

One central search & filter for all appstores and all countries so you can  optimize your Appstore Search Optimization strategy the easy way

As a client you can :

  • Choose and use all keywords to perform searchs
  • Choose the OS and target device (phone or tablet)
  • Select one or more countries
  • Discover keywords used by your competitors
  • Identify who is using your brands illegally!

Showcase: Top50 search results for keyword “Bank” in iOS US store for iPhone apps

Search and discover TopApps trends and successful editors strategies, by country and business category

Use-case: Explore Android top apps rankings in Spain

Explore Top apps rankings or top editors by listing or searched/filtered in all data fields using one central apps exploration tool for rankings

You can :

  • Select store and country
  • Choose type of feed (free, paid, grossing)
  • Search-filter in app name, description text, editor name
  • Select one or more countries for your search

Monitor ONLY the apps you need using our seamless watchfolder tool

Use-case: Adding the Bank of America app to the banking watchfolder

All apps that can be found through keywords search or top apps rankings exploration can be added to custom client’s watchfolders or already existing business verticals watch

You can :

  • Select one or many apps to add to watch folder
  • Define a group corporate name
  • Automatically follow the editor so that all new apps launched will be instantly added to WF

Export targeted insights from the dashboard or your entire database in Excel

decodeapps dashboard

We know that having data is great, but providing useful insights is better 😉

Using Decode Apps, you will have access to a dedicated Business Intelligence dashboard AND complete DB export functionnalities

You save a tremendous amount of time as the benchmark data they need is always automatically gathered and updated

You can :

  • analyze data using customizable dashboard with key KPI’s directly online
  • export the charts you need as images
  • decide to analyse it with Excel by exporting your entire watchfolder database including all the Decode Apps metrics you need


  • Benchmark & monitoring :
  • App stores :
  • App search & filter :
  • TopApps data :
  • Watch folders :
  • Dashboard & KPI’s :
  • ASO watch :
  • Saved search by keywords :
  • International distribution :
  • Business Taxonomy :
  • App features :
  • Data exports :
  • Access to professional services :
  • Support:
  • User licence(s):
  • 3 apps monitored
  • iTunes, Google Play, Windows
  • Search ALL stores & countries
  • 1 country /1 category
  • 1 watch-folder
  • Dashboard for apps monitored
  • NO limit ASO searches
  • No saved search
  • International distribution DEMO
  • Taxonomy managed by user
  • Features managed by user
  • Web & XLSX
  • No professional services
  • email support
  • 1 user
  • +50 apps by vertical
  • iTunes, Google Play, Windows
  • Search ALL stores & countries
  • Custom countries & categories
  • Unlimited watchfolders
  • Custom dashboards and KPI’s 
  • Custom nb of keywords for ASO
  • Unlimited saved search
  • International distribution insights
  • In-house Taxonomies
  • Analysts & semantic engine
  • Web, XLSX, ad-hoc, API access
  • Custom professional services
  • Dedicated support
  • Custom nb of users

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